Monday, November 14, 2005

the best block in town

the wife and i were chillin' the other day and decided that we live on the best block in the city of Detroit… here’s why:

- presently, there are new developments going up in every direction surrounding our building… while there are several residential developments going up within blocks of our building, developments within our immediate view are Willy’s Overland Lofts, Auburn Lofts, 55 W. Canfield

- within walking distance are the Detroit Institute of Arts, Wayne State University, Max M. Fisher Music Center (home of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra), Majestic Theater, Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History, Detroit Historical Museum, and the New Detroit Science Center

- also within walking distance are a ridiculous amount of fantastic restaurants which include: Cass Café, the Majestic Café, Union Street, Agave, American Masala, and the Whitney… on the exact same block that we live on are 3 of the more prominent and well known establishments in Detroit: Traffic Jam & Snug, Avalon Bakery and Mario’s

- on top of that, we have several fast(er)-food joints within walking distance too… they include: McDonald’s, Church’s Chicken, Jimmy John’s, Starbucks, Beans ‘n Bytes, Subway, Blimpie, La Pita, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Domino’s Pizza

- other miscellaneous but notable places within walking distance are: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Rite-Aid, Garden Bowl, a ridiculous amount of art galleries and several bars that a lot of peeps like to chill at…

the block i live on is bordered by Cass, Willis, Second and Canfield… the only reason i think my block is better than other blocks in Midtown (who have most of the same places within walking distance) is because of the upcoming surrounding developments and the fact that we’ve got TJ’s, Avalon and Marios on our exact block… think you can beat it??? i’d love to hear about your place and why!!!


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