Friday, September 29, 2006

loving Midtown

city life is good… walked down to the Catholic Church to give out groceries, then headed to the bank to deposit a check… thought about going to Starbucks but instead walked north to get something with more substance (Mcdonalds?)… ended up at the Detroit Historical Museum and then back home… the best thing about all that is that i traveled to all those places on foot!!!

living in Midtown is great… and the longer we’ve stayed here, the better it’s gotten… a handful of retailers have moved into to the area (Thai restaurant, Cell phone sellers, Starbucks, FedEx Kinkos) and i imagine that only more will be coming… it’s prospects like that, along with the ones in Downtown, that make living in Midtown exciting… i’m interested to see what it’ll be like in 5 years around here… one of the great things about Midtown is that it has 3 good museums (2 of which are outstanding)… we’ve been here for about a year and i’m a little bummed because i haven’t even taken advantage of all this area has to offer… i’ve been to all the museums, but not all the galleries and haven’t been to the Orchestra Hall or seen a play done by the WSU theater folks, nor have i seen a show at the Majestic or bowled at the Garden Bowl…

well that settles it, it’ll be my goal to make it to all those places before next September… shouldn’t be too hard right??? then again, i know several people who’ve lived in Detroit all their lives but never went to the Henry Ford/Greenfield Village… that’s just crazy… that’s like living in Orlando and never going to Disney World…


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