Friday, February 03, 2006

NFL Experience

wow, it has been a long time since i've posted anything on here!!! my bad... i've been posting mostly on my xanga site, a lot of stuff has been going on personally, so i post more where there is more going on in my life...

last night the wife and i went with a buddy of ours down to the NFL Experience in Downtown Detroit... it was a pretty great time!!! i was really surprised by the amount of people down there... at first i was a little worried that it was going to be too focused on kids and that i wouldn't have a lot to do, but that wasn't the case at all... they had tons of football related activities for both kids and adults...

our first stop was to take a pic with our heads super-imposed onto an NFL players body... of course i took a pic with the Lions' uniform (pictured left)... after that we went to the "Measure Up" exhibit... i liked this exhibit because they had molds and models of NFL players' body parts, so you could get an idea as to how big those guys really are!!! it was pretty impressive and made me feel really small (except when i weighed myself, that made me feel fat!)... after that we walked over to watch some Hall of Fame quarterbacks throw balls into targets... it doesn't very exciting, but it was pretty cool to see Joe Montana, Joe Theisman and Phil Simms up close... after that we went and did some interactive activities... this part of the Experience is like a theme park... you wait in line for like 10 minutes to do something that takes only 5 seconds!!! but just like a theme park, it's well worth it... they had several things to do like: kick a field goal, kick an extra point, throw a ball as far as you can, run the 40, catch a punt, measure your throwing accuracy and measure the speed of your throw... i tried to kick a field goal (missed), measured my accuracy (0-3!) and measured the speed of my throw (a paltry 37 mph)... after participating and witnessing other interactive activities, we grabbed some free Starbucks and free Chunky Soup and then walked through the paraphenelia store... man, that was the most NFL stuff i've ever seen anywhere... pretty sweet though!!!

the NFL Experience really made me respect the game and the players more... i wish i had stayed longer, but we wanted to experience more of what was going on downtown, only to find that it was rainy... i'd go back, but there are too many other things to do downtown before the weekend is over!!!


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