Thursday, October 12, 2006

Starbucks and Avalon

was just talking to a local... he told me he never goes to Starbucks and that he goes to Avalon instead because he likes to support the community... that made absolutely no sense to me... how can you not be supporting the community by going to Starbucks??? granted, Avalon is a local grassroots place, but i guarantee that if you purchase something at Starbucks, you're helping the community... if Starbucks were to leave Midtown, it would just be another failed business attempt in the D and that would further reinforce the myth (?) that you just can't do business in the D... Detroit needs Starbucks to do well because if a Starbucks can't make it, why would a decent grocery store bother coming here, not to mention other businesses???

it's funny because living in the city, there's this attitude that says "we don't want any outsiders"... i know that attitude is in the 'burbs, but in over 25 years of living out there, i never felt it as strong as i do down here... it's pretty stupid and i'm pretty certain it contributes to why the city is the way it is today... on the flip side of that, i'm sure that there is a reason that that attitude has come about, a legit reason... still, however legit that reason may be, the "we don't want any outsiders" attitude has got to change...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your love for the D, in general. We need more folks like you! I love Detroit too and want to see the city do better.

Keep up your energy and enthusiasm. Much appreciated!!

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely feel the "we don't want outsiders" vibe. There are a lot of people in the suburbs that would probably come down or even move down there but feel like we're not wanted.

8:36 PM  

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