Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eastern Market

one of the biggest gripes about downtown Detroit is that there is no major grocery store... i can share with the sentiment because it is a big drag... but i have recently discovered the asset that Eastern Market is to those of us in the city... it's kinda sad that it's taken me so long to take advantage of EM, but it is what it is...

anyways, the wife and i headed over to EM this past tuesday afternoon, found a place that was selling some fresh organic (mostly) fruit and vegetables and then went home... it was all so quick and easy, it baffled me why i'd ever waited so long to utilize EM... people go out of their way just to buy fresh organic fruit and vegetables, including my wife... well, not anymore... instead of driving 20 minutes to the 'burbs, we're drivin' 2 minutes to EM... not only will we save time, but we'll also save some cash too since the prices at EM were much cheaper for fruits and vegetables... we also stopped by a meat market but didn't pick anything up because we weren't sure if the prices were too steep... basically, we're not used to buying meat at deli's... we usually just pick it up pre-packaged...

still, after enjoying Eastern Market, we still need a major grocery store in Downtown Detroit!!!


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