Tuesday, April 17, 2007


everytime i drive downtown i love driving around Campus Martius Park... it's just a really inspiring place for me because i feel like it gives so much life to the city and symbolizes progress in the D that we've all been longing for...

i like it's design... the fountain is just fantastic... i also love the fact that its inside of a rotary/roundabout... but what i don't love is the people driving in the rotary/roundabout!!! the skill level of drivers in the D is subpar as it is... put them in a rotary/roundabout and then things are even worse!!!

i drive a sub-compact vehicle, so overall it's great for driving in the city... however, when i drive in the rotary/roundabout it's not so great... people swerve all over the place, usually almost hitting me and then go on their merry way... i'm not bitter, but i am always a little apprehensive when entering the perils of the Campus Martius Roundabout!!!


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