Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bureau of Urban Living

the Bureau of Urban Living is a cute little place inside the Canfield Lofts on Canfield just east of Second... to be honest, the first time i checked it out i was a little disappointed because it's just so small... i walked around it and saw some little knick knacks here and there that were pretty cool... however, i went back a second time and checked it out yesterday as i was given a gift card there and i realized that the place is pretty cool... they've got a lot of things that can make a loft cooler than it already it is... yesterday the wife and i went and found a few things that we want to pick up once they come back in stock... add in the fact that it's right around the corner and it makes the place pretty sweet... i wish it was bigger and had more product, but i recommend checking it out... i don't doubt that you'll find something you'll like...


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