Tuesday, May 08, 2007

CMP love

i know i post on here a lot about Campus Martius Park, but it really is da bomb!!! after working out at the Y i always drive around it, even though it's totally out of the way... this afternoon it is filled with people of different ages, ethnicities and economic strata... it was a serene feeling during my short drive around CMP... it was like "all was well in the world"... ha...

another thought i've had recently is that Willis between Cass and Woodward prolly has more broken glass on it than any other street in the world... that's prolly an exaggeration, but it seems like the whole street is lined with broken glass (the likely result of multiple car burglaries/thefts)... i walk that street at least once a week and yesterday i had the privelege of seeing some guy pee on someone elses car... at first i thought it was his car and he was just looking at the car (stupid me)but then i recognized his posture (the peeing posture: legs slightly bent, back slightly reclined and/or slouched)... this was basically on the corner of Woodward and Willis... sheesh!!! the guy had no shame as he looked directly at me during and after his relief... whatever... i suppose it gives character to the city??? yeah, that's a nice spin...


Anonymous Keith said...

I have to agree with you about Campus Martius Park. It's wonderful. Plus it's a great place to perform as a musician. Great rowds, great stage, great outside venue. We're gonna be there in June, and I can't wait.

So you work out at the Y, huh? I just joined a couple weeks ago, and it's fantastic. I'd been a member of Bally's for 17 years, but I'm letting that go. This is one of the best YMCAs I've seen anywhere.

Keep hypin the D!

6:32 AM  

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