Sunday, June 10, 2007

Detroit Jokes

i am so sick of Detroit jokes... trust me, i love to joke around... but i hate hearing jokes about how violent Detroit is... it isn't because i don't think it's true... i know Detroit is still high in crime... it is mostly because i think the jokes don't help... i pretty much think that if you don't have anything good to say, why say it??? the city is getting better... jokes about Detroit's violence don't help the city, they only hurt it... and if you think that's not true, just ask any person not familiar with the city... they're terrified of the city, not because of experience, but because of what they've heard from others who prolly don't have experience either... conversely, i talk to people who have lived down here and they want to stay here... they're excited about the future and they love things how they are now... i wish people would talk more about that stuff... which is why i can't stand Detroit jokes... they don't tell the whole story... they don't tell the better part of the story... for some strange, twisted reason, people love to hear all the bad about something and don't really care much about the good... it is definitely twisted...


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