Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Asian Village

well, Asian Village has finally opened on the River!!! kinda... according to my sources, the coffeehouse and the sushi bar are open, but the rest of the place has a couple more weeks to go... eventually it'll have a fine dining restaurant as well as some grab and go kinda stuff... they're trying to give you the feel of walking down a street in a major city in Asia by offering you typical things that you might find there... i.e.- some sort of Asian bbq pork, fresh fish and Asian deserts... i think it's gonna be great... most of all, i can't wait for the Bubble Tea!!! unfortunately, it is not quite yet available, but is supposed to be soon...

spent a lot of time on the River this past weekend... totally awesome!!! the River Days festival has been a success so far... i'd never seen so many Detroiters in one spot (when i say "Detroiters" i mean actual citizens of Detroit)... everyone was just chillin' out and havin' fun... i think the whole city is glad that we can finally use the riverfront for fun instead of work... it's really only the beginning... some people are predicting Detroit's demise in the coming years, i predict the exact opposite: a new Renaissance, one that will defy the odds... one that will show just how powerful God is...

sound crazy??? good!


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